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Nike Air Max

Happy Wednesday! Hope everyone is having a great week and recovering from the holidays. It's been hard for me to get ready in the mornings because I'm still on California time, so comfy clothes have been my go to this week!

My faux leather jacket is from Express, but they no longer have it. Which was surprising considering I got it last month. It's super light weight and easy to move in which I love. I feel like I can't move my arms sometimes in leather jackets and I can't stand it. You can find a similar fit here.

Under the jacket I'm wearing a black fitted Lululemon tank that I scored on Black Friday! It's still available and on sale! Click here to shop.

My leggings are from Lululemon as well and they are by far my FAVORITE! I got them on Black Friday as well and I've been living in them ever since. They are the "Like Nothing 7/8 Tight" and the name is a perfect description. The material is so soft and it has minimal seems. I'm 5'1 so it fits like a full length tight, but I wished it showed more of my ankle like it was intended to do. They are more expensive than your usual Lulu tight, but they're worth it! You can buy them here.

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