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Rent The Runway - How it Works

When you find a jumpsuit that doesn't drag on the floor, you buy it. But when it's $468 retail, you rent it.

If you haven't already heard of Rent The Runway, your life is about to change. I love being able to wear an expensive outfit and not feel guilty over spending so much money on something I'm only going to wear once or twice.

How it works: Shop for any occasion. Whether you're renting for work, everyday wear, or a fancy wedding they will have what you're looking for. Next, you pick the size that's best for you. Not sure what size you are in certain brands? Don't worry, they send you a back up size for free! Then you decide if you need the outfit for 4 or 8 days and you choose how quickly it ships. Final step? Ship it back for free and they take care of the dry cleaning!

Prices do vary depending on what you're renting. For example this jumpsuit was $75 to rent, but to add a second item it's only $32.50.

They offer all different sizes from petite and plus. Pictured is a size 2P. Wearing 3.5 inch heels and the pant leg didn't drag at all.

The purse is also a rental - only $30! But I also linked at the bottom of the page where you can buy it!

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