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Shop The Look: Denim on Denim

I absolutely love mixing denim! It's such a great way to transition from winter to spring and the perfect way to step up your casual wear.

I'm actually so obsessed with this jacket that I bought it twice! I love the "shark bite" detailing at the bottom. This feature gives this a semi-cropped feel, making it great for my petite frame. If you've been following along you know that I'm only 5'1.

In the picture I'm wearing a size XS, but my other one is a medium. I wanted to have a fitted and an oversized option.

My shirt is from Stitch Fix and is a size small. If you're thinking about doing Stitch Fix, their clothes run pretty true to size. I'm normally a small most place, but you'll see a lot of XS items on my blog posts because I mostly shop at Nordstrom and I feel like their clothes run big.

The adorable cross body pictured (shout out to my mother and sister-in-law) is by Kate Spade and no longer available, but I linked a similar style by Kate.

My jeans are Free People and come in a ton of colors. For denim pick your normal size and for their colored jeans (i.e. green, black, white) go one size up as they run small.

The booties you see pictured were totally worth the splurge, which btw they're $90 off and under $100 now - lucky you! They run true to size as well, even if you have wide feet, you should be fine. I'm definitely going to be wearing these into the spring season as well, because they're are adorable with shorts!

Now back to Stitch Fix, I've had a lot of people ask me how to request me as their stylist and it's so simple! You simple state in your Profile Notes "I would like Tiffany Whoolery as my stylist!" I want to be clear here that I do not work off commission. I have a base pay and just love styling people I know! I don't get paid more if you buy everything I select and I'm not paid less if you don't like the items I chose for you.

I highly recommend trying the service as it's a fun surprise and a great way to treat yo' self!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to shop my look!

XO Tiffany

Photos by Tatyana Lee with The Lees Photography

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