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Spring Essentials

When you live in Texas and your winter is only about a week long, you start preparing for Spring just a little early! I wanted to share with you guys what I'll be wearing this Spring, so I put together a short list of what has caught my eye. A few of these things I've already ordered for the upcoming season and a couple of these items are on my wish list!

I'm so excited these beauties are finally back in stock! I was obsessed with these last year, but every time I went to buy them they were out of my size. They are available in 4 different colors and made of leather and suede. I got these in the mail the other day and I can't wait to wear them.

Two | One Shoulder Bathing Suit OMG this suit is everything! This high waisted- one shoulder combo makes this swim suit so unique and it is going straight on my wish list!

My spring essentials list wouldn't be complete without a good sandal. Now yes, these are pricey at $195, but the quality is unbeatable. I've had the sand ones for about 2 years now and they still look new. This year I'm debating between a fun metallic color or classic black! Ps. If you have wide feet like me go a half size up!

I love being tan, but not at the expense of damaging my skin! After having 23 moles removed and 6 surgeries I avoid tanning beds and the sun at all costs. This mousse is a life saver! It's available in normal and dark (I prefer the dark) and I suggest purchasing 2 applicator mittens to avoid orange palms and ensure an even glow.

Seriously how cute are these? I can't believe the are only $2! Now normally I would be skeptical purchasing something so cheap, but my best friend Natasha had them on and they were gorgeous! She ordered me a pair of pink and teal ones and I'm so excited to wear them. I love how light weight they are, because instead of being beaded they are made with string. (heavy earrings aren't an option for me-so it's a win!)

Six | Embroidered Bell-Sleeve Top I loved all the embroidered pieces I saw this winter and love that you can incorporate it with your spring wardrobe as well! Dying over the olive color and bell sleeves too!

Who isn't swooning over all things tasseled right now? Can't wait to wear this dress to some baseball games or out for Sunday Funday!

I know what you're thinking, slip ons? Ew. But these are coming back in style and would pair great with your favorite ripped jeans and a fitted crew neck. Gives a casual outfit a little flare and they come in tons of colors.

This spring I'm determined to get a fun pastel cross body! The majority of my wardrobe lacks color and is fairly neutral, so I want a bag that can brighten up my outfits. Plus this bag would be perfect to transition from day to night.

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