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Suede Staple Jacket

I wrote a blog post earlier about closet essentials for this fall/winter and a suede jacket was #1 on the list! I've seen a lot of people wearing them and this Blanknyc was a must have. It's a little pricey, but the quality is amazing and I love that new leather smell! I'm wearing a size small and it runs true to size. I didn't want to risk getting an extra small, because I hate when jackets are too tight on your upper arms and you can't move freely. Overall, it's worth the price and something you'll wear more than you think! It's available in 5 other colors, but I would read up on certain colors. I have a feeling the red will do some color transfer onto your lighter colored belongings.

My boots are on sale and can be purchased here.

Also, can we talk about how great this picture is? No, I'm not talking about myself, but the quality! For an iPhone picture I'm pretty pleased with it! I highly recommend getting the iPhone 7! If you have an questions about the new phone (especially the upgrade program) shoot me a comment and I'll be sure to help you out!

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