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What I'm Packing For Our Honeymoon

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

We are officially 30 days out from the wedding, which means we're that much closer to going on our Honeymoon. Nick rarely gets to vacation because of baseball, so this trip is going to be that much more special.

I got such amazing deals on all my honeymoon stuff, that I knew I had to share it with all of you. Now of course this isn't everything, as I can't link some of it, but it gives you a good idea of what I'm taking. Plus you guys, these deals are seriously INSANE!

Everything I've featured on this post I have already purchased, so I'm giving real reviews after trying everything on. I know ordering online can be a risk for some people so hopefully this can help you with sizing and quality.

1. Pink Ruffle Bathing Suit - I am in love with this flirty bathing suit and the entire thing is under $10. I ordered a size medium, because it does run small. I'm usually a size small, but I'm glad I sized up on this. I will say the bust is still a little tight around my ribs, which is 33.5". If you're a 34" bust with a large cup size, you might want to size up to a large.

2. White Bikini Set - This bathing suit runs true to size and I absolutely love the top. The bottoms look like they may fit as a thong, but it's more of a cheeky style, that isn't too risky.

3. Blue Flower Halter Bikini - I think this bathing suit is super cute, but the quality isn't the best. I can tell this piece is intended to be trendy and not long lasting. I would image that after one wash the flowers will be destroyed, but for $10, I really can't complain. This set does run small. I went with a medium and it fits great.

4. Mauve Maxi Dress - This dress is going to be perfect for a romantic date night on our honeymoon. I feel so sexy in it and Nick absolutely loves it on me. I ordered an extra small and it fits perfectly. This dress does come from Australia, but the shipping is ridiculously fast - I think I received it in three days.

5. Blue & White Striped Dress - Obsessed with this fun striped number. I plan on wearing it when we're doing an excursion, shopping, or for grabbing lunch. I got a size small and would say it runs true to size. It's a little tight in the chest (my ribs specifically) because there isn't much stretch. It's also not the softest material and is a little thin, but it's only $15, so the quality is as I expected.

6. Ruffle Trim Dress - How fun is this dress? I'm definitely going to be wearing this on the honeymoon and when we're back. This is super flattering and looks like it cost way more than it actually did. I sized up for this and went with a medium because I read reviews talking about the chest area fitting awkward. Which I can see what they were talking about, but once you figure out where you like the waist line, it looks great!

7. Mr. & Mrs. Passport Cases - Obviously I had to have SOMETHING that said Mrs, right?

8. Tory Burch Sandals - If you haven't gotten a pair of these yet, you are seriously missing out. They may be a splurge, but they have out lasted every single sandal I've ever owned. I'm going on year three of my tan Tory's and they're still going strong. Definitely going to be my everyday shoe on the honeymoon.

9. Black Plunge Kimono - This is by far my favorite thing from Shein. The quality is AMAZING. I recently bought a white long robe to get ready in the day of the wedding from Homebodii that was $169...this one was $25 and feels just as glorious as my white robe. It also runs true to size, which is nice. I highly recommend this, even if it's just to wear with your pjs! I'll be using it as a cover up and with my lingerie.

10. Pink Polka Dot Wrap Dress - I am so happy I got this dress. After wearing a wrap style dress for my bridal shower, I'm obsessed with them. This light pink color is stunning in person and it looks amazing on. This dress feels high quality (it was originally $150) and runs true to size. I got an extra small - but hurry before it sells out!

Out of everything I've gotten so far, this whimsical dress from White Fox Boutique is my absolute favorite (pictured below). It is full sequin and a total mess to put on, but just look at this picture. Totally worth it.

It does run big. I got a small at first and that was too big. Although the customer service is great, you can't do exchanges. You have to pay to return your item to Australia and then once they receive the item, they will credit your account, and then you can buy it again.

I didn't mind doing this, but if you're unsure of your size, you have to pay for shipping to another country, and you run the risk of them not having your item in stock once you get your credit.

You can purchase this exact dress by clicking here. If you search "Lucky Star Gown" on their site you can get it in white, rose gold, gold, silver, or black.

I also ordered a few things from ASOS that you can find below, and they're at great prices. My white polka dot bathing suit is a size US 4 and the black cover up pants I got are a size 4 as well. Shop them by scrolling through the links below.

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