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Winter Grey

Happy Wednesday everyone. Hopefully your week is going better than mine, as I'm battling the flu!

If you're struggling like me I highly suggest getting "The Medicine Ball" also known as "The Cold Buster" at Starbucks. It won't cure you, but it sure does help! The recipe is off their secret menu so your barista might not know what you're asking for, so just let them know how to make it.

The ingredients are as follows for a Venti Cup:

-Jade Citrus Mint Tea Bag

-Peach Tranquility Tea Bag

-Half Hot water

-Half Steamed Lemonade

-One packet of honey

-Optional: add a pump of peppermint

Other than hot tea, I'll be loading up on vegetable juice which is full of antioxidants that boost the immune system and good ole chicken noodle soup!

Anyways, after missing work and spending all day in bed, today I decided to finally do my hair and makeup. Other than being sick of looking sick, I really just wanted to show off my fab new Marc Fisher boots. I am absolutely in love with these! I love that they don't have a huge heel, but aren't flat, which I hate (remember people I'm 5'1 and need all the height I can get). The color on them is beautiful and available in 3 other colors. You can purchase them here.

My purse is from Target, which you've seen in some of my previous posts. Purchase it here.

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