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Questions and Answers

Where do you
currently live?

I live in Austin

with my fiance, Nick!

Usually my coworker takes my pictures! (Yes, I have a job. I think I get asked this more than anything)

If she doesn't have time I'll have my mom or a friend snap a few pics for me.

Who takes
your pictures?


How tall are you?

My favorite place to visit is probably Scottsdale, AZ. I love taking my annual girl's trip there for Spring Training and I just love the food, the people, and the go out scene! If I had to move away from Austin, Scottsdale would be my number one pick. 

What's your
place to visit?

My favorite app is VSCO. They have the best filters - my personal favorite is A5. I also use SplitPic, Perfect365 for imperfections, & sometimes Facetune. But I don't use Facetune on my actual face & most girls shouldn't. It looks awful. I only use the detail feature to enhance details on my outfit like buttons, designs, ect. 

What apps do you
use to edit your

I change my foundation all the time, but currently I'm using Born This Way in light beige by Too Faced. It's my favorite to date. 

What foundation
do you use?

2017 VW Passat!

What kind of
car do you drive?

Pros- this is home & it's what's familiar to me. Most of my family is here as well as my childhood friends. There's always something to do, the music scene, & the amazing food!

Cons- Super liberal (that's a con for me at least), way too much traffic, housing is pricey and no pro sports teams.

Pros & Cons of
living in Austin?

Heck no! I was set on being a Longhorn for as long as I can remember. I was in the top 10% so it was an option, but ultimately it was too close to home.

Going to A&M was by far the best decision I could have made and I'm thankful to call myself an Aggie.

Did you always
want to go to A&M?

No, I wasn't in a sorority, but I did have a few friends in them. Being in a sorority was never something that sparked my interest or seemed right for me personally, but my friends that were in them loved every minute!

Were you in
a sorority?

Umm..I don't really know if I have "hobbies" per say. I like to hang out with my friends, love going to baseball games, & now attempting to blog!

What hobbies
do you have?
Who does Nick play for?

Nick currently is a LHP (left-handed pitcher)in the Milwaukee Brewers organization. He was drafted by the Brewers out of Cal State Fullerton in 2011 in the 4th round as a 1st baseman. This past season he made the switch to the mound and will be a free agent at the then end of the 2017 season. After that, we'll either re-sign with the Brewers or with another MLB team. 

Tula and Glamglow!

What cleanser
do you use?

I have 3. Well kind of. 

Do you have any
When are you
getting married?

Our wedding will be on November 17, 2018 in Dripping Springs, Texas. 

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