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Thank you for your interest in getting your very own custom game day shirt! I am so thankful so many of you liked my fun little project enough to buy one! Please take a look below for details, pricing, and the form to fill out for your own shirt!


What do you use to make the design work on the shirts?

Custom game day shirt design details are made from a heat transfer vinyl material. 

How do I wash my game day shirt?

Do not dry clean your shirt. The harsh temperatures used during dry cleaning can damage the material. Turn you shirt inside out, wash on cold, and avoid any "whitening" detergents or "stain fighting" detergents. Hang Dry and never iron near the vinyl.

How much is a shirt?

Your custom game day shirt is $75. If there is more detailing that you're wanting, aside from the basics, an additional charge will be added.

What are considered the basics?

The basics are last name, large team logo, and stars on the back of the garment.

What would an additional add on be considered and how much?

Add ons would be a number, stars on the arms, logo on front, additional logos if doing multiple teams, etc. Each add on will be $5. When adding stars, you will not be charged per star. For example, if you want stars added to the sleeves, it will be $5 total for 6 stars (3 per sleeve).

How much is shipping?

Shipping is not included in the $75 and will be added to your total at the end. It usually ranges from $8-$12, just depending how far it's going.


How long will it take?

My goal is to have your shirt shipped out to you within a week of us discussing your design. I will be traveling full time for season, so away trips may cause some delays, but I will keep you posted if you are ordering near a time frame that I'll be gone.


What if I don't want my game day shirt to be a flannel?

No problem! If you have a sweatshirt, jacket, or other shirt, I'll make that happen too. We can discuss other options and get you what you want!

What do the flannels look like? Are there different colors?

After your order is placed, I'll send you options. Some team colors may look better with certain colored flannels, so I'll send options and let you decide!

Do you offer other designs?

Yes! If you are wanting something more simple, you can do a signature shirt. Photos  of the signature shirts can be found at the top of the page. Signature shirts will be $40 and sweatshirts will be $50.

Do you offer kids sizes?

Yes! Kid's flannels are offered and will be $60. 

Kid's signature shirts will be $25 and $35 for sweatshirts.

Game Day Shirt Order Form

Thanks for ordering! You will receive a follow up email within 24-48 hours.

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