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The Trick to Bright Skin

With Spring right around the corner, it's time for bright and glowing skin. In the winter I go for more of a matte look, but love a bright dewy look for spring and summer!

I also thought I would share how I brighten my skin, because when you're stressed out, your skin will show it. With planning a wedding, working my full time job, working at Stitch Fix, running my blog, and preparing to leave for Arizona, I AM STRESSED. So needless to say, my skin needs a pick me up and thankfully the makeup gods have multiple solutions for my dull skin that I want to share with you.

Below are my current favorite brighteners that I think you'll love!

If you have read about my skin care routine you know I like to switch things up when it comes to my moisturizer. This is because my skin is extremely dry and I'm always looking for the next best thing to hydrate it. When doing my makeup, I like to start with the Tarte Brighter days moisturizer. This is really going to help with dullness and uneven textures and dryness. I wait about 10 minutes after putting this on to apply my primer. So go do your hair or make some coffee while you're waiting on this to set!

This is literally a wake up call for you skin. I love how it feels when I put it on and it really just brings my skin back to life. I love this product because it gets rid of dullness and actually comes through your foundation. I feel like that's hard to find in a primer, so I was excited to have on that would actually leave me looking dewy after I applied my foundation.

The Mac Strobe Cream is my all time favorite primer for spring and summer. It is full of vitamins and green tea, which leaves my skin feeling amazing. This baby has radiant with iridescent particles and antioxidants giving you the ultimate glow. It also comes in several different colors which are red, silver, gold, peach, and pink. I personally use the gold, but you need to pick which color is best for you skin tone, which you can test out at the Mac Store, Nordstrom or Ulta.

So this is more of a spot highlighter. It's great for contouring and has all the highlight without the shimmer. I hate hate hate shimmer. So having a flat highlight is really important to me. I apply this to the inner corner of my eyes, the bridge of my nose, the cupid's bow, and on my cheeks.

This is a drug store steal that's only $7.99! Now this isn't something I use everyday, but it's something I pull out when I'm seriously sleep deprived and the bags under my eyes clearly show it. This has coconut oil in it, which I love! I apply it under my eyes to take care of those dark circles as the purple neutralizes the dark and brightens up my complexion. It's also a great on the go concealer. If you're not wanting to do a full contour, but want a bright look then apply this after your primer and top with your foundation.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you're exciting about brightening your skin and having a fresh and glowing face!

XO Tiffany


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