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Baseball Travels

Hey everyone! For those of you that follow me, you know that I am dating a baseball player in the Milwaukee Brewers Organization. With this comes a lot of traveling, and I mean A LOT. I feel like every time I'm unpacking my suitcase it's only to repack! I thought it would be fun to share with you guys my go to essentials and link some of my favorite things! Now this is only a short list, but I'll go into more detail as well.

I'm sure you wonder what do you guys do on these trips..well I watch baseball! We usually wake up around 10, go grab breakfast or an early lunch, run errands if he has things he needs done, come home and relax and then he's off to the field by 1! That leaves a lot of down time for me so I usually go shopping, lay out by the pool, or nap! Nick's games are at 6:35 and we're there for about 4 hours. So by the time he gets done we grab food and go home and hangout. I'm a big homebody and there's nothing I love more than just relaxing and enjoying time with my boy.

So with that being said, I really don't have to pack much. I stick to lounge clothes for around the apartment, casual clothes for during the day, and then cute outfits for the games! I leave for my next trip tomorrow, so I've linked below what's going in my suitcase this time!

Having comfortable clothes is an absolute must! While I'm at it, why not make my comfy clothes Brewers gear?! I got this on sale at Victoria's Secret for only $30- score! Unfortunately not all MLB teams are on sale on their site, but go check it out and hopefully your team is! I know I'll be ordering more soon! You're probably wondering what I'm thinking packing a sweatshirt, but I seriously live in them. The first thing I do after work is put on my sweatshirt, because I keep our apartment nice and cold. Also, sweatshirts or jackets are a must in travel. You never know where you might get chilly. I also make sure to always pack a pair of my favorite "Like Nothing 7/8" Lululemon leggings to lounge in and my favorite pair of Ugg slippers (plus it's freezing in his apartment!)

Summer was made for a good pair of denim shorts. These are my absolute favorites and I wear them ALL THE TIME!

How cute is this dress?! I like it because it can be dressed up or down and is perfect for summer! Not to mention it's in the color scheme of Brewers colors haha #BrewCrew. Some of you are probably thinking why in the hell would you wear that to a baseball game?! Well why the hell not?? I go to more baseball games than most people will go to in their lifetime..the whole denim shorts, converse and a ball cap get old really fast. Plus, I'm there to support my man and in my mind I'm a direct representation of him. I love looking good for him and I want him to be proud when he sees me in the stands. I'd rather be overdressed than under dressed! :)

Wedges are a must in the summer! I'm 5'1 so yes, I'm going to wear something with height to a game! I'll be wearing these with my new Topshop dress to one game and a pair of jeans and a white and black striped tank to another (tank top linked here). These shoes are available in white, olive, and denim.

I have had soooo many people ask me about these sneakers and they might very well be my favorite pair of casual shoes! Who knew Uggs made sneakers?! Not me! They are extremely comfortable and look great with everything. These will definitely be my go to shoe for when we grab breakfast or run errands. Currently they are on sale for $77 (originally $110) and come in red, navy, white, grey, black, and plum! You and your feet can thank me later after you buy them!

Ladies, just because you are traveling does not give you an excuse to slack on your skincare routine! You guys know I have been raving about Tula and I'm so excited the now have a travel kit! It comes wit the Purifying Face Cleanser, Illuminating Face Serum, Hydrating Day & Night Cream, Revitalizing Eye Cream, and a cute clear bag to pack it all in (great for carry ons when flying).

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you a little more insight as to what my trips are like! Thinking about doing a post answering questions about Nick and his baseball career..comment below or message me if you would be interested in that or have questions for me!

Until next time, babes!

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