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My Must Have Baby Items

Updated: May 25, 2020

Hello and happy Monday everyone! With this lockdown in place and extra time on my hands, I was finally able to make a list of my must have baby items. Now, Reese is only 5 weeks old, so I'm no expert, but these are items we are currently loving. Keep in mind that I'm sure this list will change, evolve, and grow, but I wanted to highlight some of our favorites. This list is also limited. There's no way I could list every little thing baby will need, but at the end of this post you can shop all of these items, along with a link to my baby registry for tips. This post also doesn't include anything you will need for breastfeeding. I included those items in my hospital bag post. I hope you find this post helpful and that you're staying home and staying safe!

1. Snoo Bassinet- This bassinet is a game changer. After a few sleepless nights, I finally had a break down and ordered this at 3am. The Snoo adds 1-2 hours of sleep, naturally sleep trains, prevents baby from rolling over, and soothes baby 24/7! The Snoo adjusts it's soothing levels based on your baby's cries and has an app to keep track of sleep and control the bassinet (picture below). This bassinet is pricey ($1295) but it's currently 30% off. If you aren't sure about this product, try renting. That's what we did and so far it's definitely worth the cost. To rent, there is a $175 deposit that you get back and a $49.50 reconditioning fee. Aside from those fees, it's $118 a month which is about $3.90 a day. There are no contracts or hidden fees and you're only required to do one month. The Snoo took us from 3-4 hours of sleep to 5 hours of sleep and now Reese gets up to 7 hours of sleep straight. Not only do I get more sleep, but this gives me peace of mind that he is safe while sleeping. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

2. DockATot - I absolutely love our DockATot. Not only are the covers super cute (I have the black marble and plan on getting their new tiger print) but Reese loves it. Before we had the Snoo, Reese slept swaddled in the DockATot in a pack n play next to my bed. Disclaimer: It is not recommended for sleeping in overnight and I totally get that, but after reading tons of reviews and talking to my mom friends that had their babies sleep in the DockATot and I personally felt comfortable with the decision. I plan on using the DockATot a lot more when we go to season. For 10% off your DockATot purchase use code RAM10 at checkout!

3. Owlet Smart Sock - I have a love/hate relationship with the Owlet. The Owlet tracks heart rate and oxygen levels through a Smart Sock that baby wears. This is a huge relief if you're a mom like me that dreaded putting her baby to sleep for fear of SIDS. The Owlet has a base station that lights up and makes noise to notify you if baby's heart rate or oxygen levels drop. The Owlet also has an app to view baby's vitals in real time. So why do I partially hate the Owlet? The app. The app hasn't worked for me since we bought it in January, but what I can tell you is that this doesn't happen to everyone. For me and some other users, the app constantly says "App is searching for base" and provides zero vitals and there is no history charts with data. The app did work for 3 nights in a row and I was actually able to see Reese's vitals all night, but it hasn't worked since those 3 nights. I have called customer service and done all the trouble shooting and still no luck. So, why am I still saying I can't live without this? You don't need the app to make sure the Smart Sock is working. The Smart Sock and base station communicate to one another regardless of the app. The base station will still light up red and make noise to let you know baby is at risk. I was told they are working to Fix the app, but who knows when that will happen, as their February and March updates didn't fix the glitch.

4. Boppy Pillows - We love our Boppy products. I recommend the infant lounger and the nursing pillow. The infant lounger is perfect for hands-free interaction and is suitable for your baby until they can roll over. The Boppy nursing pillow is great for breastfeeding or good for when people aren't as comfortable holding baby. It provides great support and makes those family members feel more secure holding your newborn. The nursing pillow is also good for propping your baby up for tummy time and good for sitting up against once baby is a little older. I recommend getting the plain Boppy Nursing Pillow and then adding a cover so you can wash it. I've linked my cover and it's so soft!

5. Comotomo bottles - Honestly I just love the way these look and feel. They're also supposed to be good for going back and forth from boob and bottle. *Update*-At 3 months old Reese is still using Comotomo and they're great. We are also using Phillips Avent bottles and we LOVE them too!

6. Fridababy NoseFrida - So many of my mom friends told me to get this and I'm so glad they did! This is way better than the little snot sucker they give you at the hospital and Reese doesn't totally freak out with this one like he did with the hospital one. Definitely gets all the boogers out and helps keep him mucus free. I suggest doing this before bed for clear airways.

7. Keekaroo Peanut Changer - The Peanut changer isn't cheap, but it's so worth it. No washing changing pads or worrying about stains. This soft polyurethane pad is water and puncture resistant and wipes down clean. It's also comfortable and has a safety strap. It's available in a few different colors.

8. Diaper Genie - This thing is amazing. Keeps diaper odor masked and makes disposing of dirty diapers super easy. Reloading it is simple and quick. Spend the $40 and get this for your nursery!

9. Baby Aquaphor - Reese had a small diaper rash one time and we used Baby Aquaphor on it and it was gone in hours. We continue to use this with every diaper change and he's never had diaper rash again. It says it relieves diaper rash within 6 hours and trust me, it does.

10. Diaper Cream Spatula - This little thing might be my favorite thing ever. I put the baby aquaphor on the spatula and apply it for every diaper change. It keeps my hands from getting messy and just seems more sanitary in my opinion. I love it so much that I purchased a mini one for my diaper bag as well. (promise I'm making a 'what's in my diaper bag' post soon)

11. Guava Lotus Travel Crib- Eventually when baseball starts back up and we're traveling, I plan on using this. We haven't used it yet, but I went ahead and purchased it before Reese was born. I have played around with it and it's super easy to set up and break down which I appreciate. My favorite part though is that it can be worn as a backpack. This will be huge when traveling and I need to be hands-free. Not to mention this travel crib is only 13 pounds. That's 50% less than comparable products.

12. Doona - I'm so sad we haven't been able to use this since we aren't traveling due to baseball on hold and the coronavirus. BUT when we start flying this will be my saving grace. We have the companion pass, so Reese will fly for free and have his own seat. With Reese being able to occupy a seat, I knew I needed a carseat/stroller system that could fit in an airplane seat and down the isle, which this one does! I love that it's a carseat and stroller in one and it's super easy to use. It comes with a base for the car seat, but isn't required. This is another travel plus for when I rent a car. The Doona holds babies 4-35 pounds and comes with infant inserts if you plan on using it right away.

13. Uppababy Vista - Seriously couldn't be more in love with this stroller. The design is beautiful and the bassinet is great for walks. I love that Reese isn't scrunched up in a car seat and can lay comfortably in the bassinet during our strolls. The bassinet can also be used in your home with the Uppababy Bassinet stand. If you plan on having children back to back, this is your stroller. It holds up to THREE kids! I would rather spend a pretty penny now, knowing it will grow with your family, instead of buying a cheaper stroller that holds one child and then buying a whole new one in a few years. The stroller includes a rain and bug shield as well.

14. Zip Up Onesies - DO NOT BOTHER WITH BUTTONS. You want diaper changes to be quick and easy so go for zip ups. Currently, I'm loving Little Sleepies. Their "Zippies" are so soft and zip at the top and bottom. Zipping on both ends is super important for diaper changes. This brand fits snug for safety and the fabric is so soft and stretchy. They can be worn with hands and feet covered or with hands and feet free as they come with fold overs for feet and hands. Use code LSLOVESYOU for 15% off your order. We also really love the magnetic onesies. I prefer MagneticMe over the magnetic brand at Buybuybaby. The MagneticMe ones are just way softer.

15. Little Giraffe Blanket and hooded towel - Expensive but worth it. One of my baseball friends got Reese these as gifts and they are the softest things. Reese has this blanket with him 24/7!

16. Aquascale Digital Scale - This bathtub not only weighs your baby, but also tells you the temperature of the water! This tub is suitable for newborns and grows with baby. The tub is convertible and you just remove the insert once baby is big enough to sit in the tub. I originally was using one of those Lilly pads for the sink and switching to this tub made bath time so much easier and more enjoyable. In the sink Reese would scream bloody murder and now he loves bath time because he's submerged in the water. Just try to wait to use this until their umbilical cord has fallen off and is all healed.

17. Zoli Electric Nail File - Filing/cutting your baby's nails is literally terrifying, but his makes it so easy. It's a little pricey for a nail file in my opinion, but definitely worth it. You could hold the file onto your baby's skin and they wouldn't even notice. It's safe and files the nails so nicely. It comes with 4 files total, so you'll be good on replacements.

18. Tubby Todd All Over Ointment - Baby acne. Little bumps all over your baby's face and they're literally heartbreaking to see. It's totally normal for your newborn to have it and it's normally more prominent in boys. Tubby Todd all over ointment will be your saving grace. After just a few days baby acne will be a thing of the past! Just get the small jar - a little goes along way with this stuff!

19. Bumbo Floor Seat - You won't need this until at least 3 months. We have been using this to help with Reese's head control and I can't wait for him to get to use it more once he can sit up on his own. I think it's a great tool though to work those back and neck muscles!

20. Baby Bouncer - Wait until your baby is big enough for this, but it's great to have on hand. It vibrates and it's perfect to put baby in when you need to be hands free. I like to put Reese in this and have face to face interaction, I file his nails while he's strapped into this, and I put him in it while I'm getting ready for the day. It's nice and light so you can take it from room to room and know that your baby is secure and entertained. (I never leave Reese unattended. I set him right next to me on the counter while I cook or get ready).

I obviously have a ton of other baby items that I adore, but I would be here all day talking about them. Other brands I love are the Ollie swaddle (we'll use more once he's out of the Snoo), Aden and Anais burp clothes, Noodle and Boo, Itzy Ritzy, Babyganics, and so many more. If you're a first time momma like me and need more registry ideas you can check mine out here. I made my registry after talking to tons of moms and doing some lengthy research.

Don't forget I'm also working on a blog post with what I keep in my diaper bag that has a few other favorites not listed, so be on the look out!

XO Tiffany

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