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My Hospital Bag

Hello everyone!

Can't believe I'm writing my first blog post as a MOMMY! I had originally had this whole blog post planned and was going to do it at 38 weeks, but I went into labor before I could get the post done. Little Reese has definitely already taught me he's the boss and that schedules are no longer my thing.

I had shared with you all on my Instagram stories what I packed in my hospital bag and so many of you messaged me saying how helpful it was. I thought I would go into more detail with this post and link the items I packed.

What I packed in my hospital bag for baby and me:

- 2 Pair of button up pajamas: I packed two sets just in case my stay was longer than I expected and good thing I did. The first 24 hours after my c-section I stayed in the hospital gown. After that I switched to my pajamas. I highly recommend black pajamas the first night. There is bleeding after (TMI but true). The black pajamas I'm linking are so comfy and soft and I highly recommend them! The other pair I'm linking were just a lot of fun and they have a ton of colors and prints to chose from.

-Slippers: These are a must for when you are able to get around and walk again. I got some cheap fuzzy slippers from Amazon and absolutely love them.

- 3-4 outfits for baby: I was worried on what size to bring, but for reference, Reese was 7 pounds 7 ounces and the newborn outfits swallowed him. Make sure to include your favorite outfit for pictures in this.

- Soft robe for you: I am so glad I brought a comfy robe to the hospital. It was perfect for nursing or throwing on when I wanted to walk the halls. I linked my robe, but I had an oatmeal color that is now sold out. But it comes in pink for all my girl moms. You won't regret this purchase and it's a total steal. I've actually been wearing this robe since we got home from the hospital.

Hello My Name is name tag: This comes with two tags and has a million colors and fonts to chose from.

- 2 Baby Swaddles: I brought the softest blue swaddle and cap by LouLou Company for his pictures and then a muslin swaddle. The hospital has a ton of swaddles and I actually loved theirs as well. I doubled them up and wrapped baby boy in them, but it doesn't hurt to bring your own.

-Baby Blanket: I packed two baby blankets because I'm extra. I packed my Little Giraffe white blanket and a grey sherpa blanket from Pottery Barn with Reese's name embroidered on it.

-Toiletries: The hospital has CHEAP shampoo, body wash, etc. Pack your toiletries just like you would for any trip. A lot of people asked if I showered at the hospital and YES. I was there for 5 days so showers were a must. You'll thank me for bringing this later. I'll also link the toiletry bag I packed. It's a great size so that you and hubby can combine your stuff and it has so many storage pockets and zips to stay organized.

-Makeup: This is totally up to you, but I brought my makeup.

-Hair brush: Remember, pack toiletries just like any other trip.

-Belly butter/oil: Just because labor is over with doesn't mean your skin care routine is! Keep applying your belly lotion momma!!

-Extra long phone charger: You never know where the plugs in your room will be, so definitely have a charger on hand that will help you reach your phone without getting up.

-Ipad: Download some movies and take this to pass the time!

-Going home outfit: I wore the softest black loose joggers and a camo half zip sweatshirt. The joggers I wore are so soft and stretchy (and trust me you want loose and stretchy if you swell). I will link the joggers below. I also recommend sneakers for going home. My legs and feet were extremely swollen, so I'm glad I brought practical and comfy shoes.

-Nipple Butter: If you are going to breastfeed this should be at the top of your list on what to bring. Seriously, it's heaven.

-Pacifier: I brought a few pacifiers because I wasn't sure what type Reese would like!

-Nursing Boppy: This is great for nursing and holding baby in general. After my c-section I was extremely weak and couldn't stop shaking so this was a lifesaver because it helped me hold Reese. I'm also obsessed with the texture on the Boppy cover we got and it's linked below as well.

-Packing Cubes: I had never used packing cubes before but I am so glad I used them for the hospital. These helped me stay organized and they allowed me to keep my stuff, Nick's stuff, and Reese's stuff all separated. I'll link the exact ones I used.


What I packed for Hubby:

-Comfortable Pillow: Hospital pillows suck and so do the cots. Help hubby sleep a little better with a pillow from home.

-Soft blanket: Hospital blankets also suck, so I made sure to pack my favorite blanket for Nick. The Barefoot Dreams blankets are pricy, but I promise, they're worth it!

-Towel and wash cloths: Your husband is definitely going to want a shower, so pack your own fluffy towels! The hospital towels are cheap and super small.

- 2-3 Shirts and pants: Your stay could be longer than you think so have your man pack a few outfits.

- House slippers: I highly recommend bringing house slippers. Nick told me not to pack his and ended up regretting it. It's nice for them to have something to slip on when they're running to get coffee or a snack.


Things I didn't need/didn't pack:

-My nice camera: Your phone will work just fine! There was so much going on that I didn't even have time to think about my camera. It's just one more thing to have so I suggest leaving it at home.

-Sound Machine: Your baby is going to be exhausted. I promise they'll sleep just fine without it at the hospital. I'll link the one I have because I think it's great for travel/car seat or on the side of his pack n play.

-Nipple Shield: I purchased these and still recommend doing that if you're breast-feeding, but the hospital provides you with the exact one I'm linking. So buy yourself a set and then keep the hospital ones for an extra set.

- Underwear: You only need the underwear that you go to the hospital in. After labor you'll be wearing some really glamorous mesh panties!

-Pads/After care for down there: The hospital will provide EVERYTHING you need for after care so don't waste the space in your suitcase!

-Belly Bandit: I purchased one and still recommend getting a Belly Bandit for at home in a smaller size, but the hospital will provide one while you're there and insurance should cover it.

-Diaper Bag: Again, the hospital will provide everything you need for baby. I know your diaper bag is probably so cute, but leave the bag at home!

-Nursing bras/Nursing tanks: You are 100% going to want to purchase some nursing bras and tanks (I even wore nursing bras during pregnancy because they were so comfy) but you won't need them at the hospital because you'll have the gown on or your button up pajamas. A friend of mine recommended the best nursing bras and I'll link them in this post. If anything just wear one of the nursing bras to the hospital, so that you can wear it home as well.

-Breast Pump: Your milk most likely won't come in until baby is at least 3 days old, so go ahead and leave this at home. I use the Spectra 1 and really like it. I use it along with the Kiinde breast milk set. I'll link these as well.

-Breast feeding must haves: I wanted to link breast feeding accessories as well for you guys, but I don't think it's necessary to take any of it to the hospital. You will find the following linked:

*Extra Breast Pump Parts

*Supplement to help with breast feeding and clogged ducts (thanks Kristin Krizan for the tips!)

*Nursing Pads to stay dry

*Breast therapy pack


I hope this helps all my future momma's out there and I'm happy to answer any questions.

XO Tiffany

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