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Festive Prints and Jewel Tones for the Holidays

This post is all about how to mix prints and colors for the holidays! Every now and then it's fun to steer away from the basic colors and simple stripes and have a fun unique outfit!

Jewel tones are on-trend this season and I love how rich and festive they are! Since my sweater is a fuchsia jewel tone, I complemented it with a deep green mini skirt. To balance the outfit out, I went with black for my purse and shoes. When deciding how to mix colors and prints you should always go with their complementary colors. I found this handy color wheel that shows a colors pairs. So for example, if I was wearing blue, its complementary colors would be yellow-orange, orange, and red-orange.

I also found a great cheat sheet for how to mix different patterns. I love this idea because it sets your outfit apart from the rest. So the shirt that you and every other girl on Instagram has now looks a little different because you didn't just pair it with skinny jeans.

I hope you guys enjoy and I hope these cheat sheets help spice up your next outfit!

Remember, you can shop my look at the bottom of this post!

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