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How Cleaning Out My Closet Made Me $1000!

It's holiday season and for most people that means you're strapped for cash. Not only do you have your regular monthly bills, but it's also time to start stocking up on holiday gifts. I love giving gifts, so I tend to go a little over board on presents. My friends and family love me for it, but my wallet, not so much.

So how to make some extra money? Poshmark! If you haven't heard of it before you need to sign up. It's a great way to sell your gently used clothes, shoes, jewelry, and other items. Not only is it great for making money, but perfect if you're needing more space in your closet! Plus, you price your items and you aren't getting $50 for 3 trash bags worth of clothes like at Plato's Closet.

This is how it works. 1. List your gently used items 2. Someone purchases your items 3. Poshmark keeps 20% of how much your item sold for (unless it's under $15 the fee is a flat $2.95) 4. You ship the item (the buyer pays for this, not you) 5. Buyer accepts the item 6. Poshmark gives you the money. Once you request a bank deposit it takes about 2-3 business days to see the money in your bank account.

Although I hate how Poshmark takes out 20%, it's the price you pay for access to millions of shoppers and a way to ensure you receive your money. Using this app makes the exchange of product for money safe for the shopper and the seller.

In the last 30 days I have sold 40 items and earned $1024! Yes in just ONE SHORT MONTH and that's after Posh took the 20%! Not a bad month and I still have 128 listings available. Trust me, your closet has more stuff ready to be sold than you think! Currently, I have shoes, purses, pajamas, clothes, my boyfriends unwanted items, and electronics. You can even list makeup and kid's stuff! There's a wide range of things you can list on Poshmark, so get to cleaning out those closets and drawers!

Now you might be saying, I've tried selling my stuff on Poshmark and no one has bought anything. Well follow these steps and you'll definitely start seeing traffic to your closet and money in your pocket!

1. Take Good Clear Pictures

You are able to put up to 4 pictures of your items up and I suggest posting all 4. The buyer is taking a risk buying something that isn't fresh off the rack so show every angle of the item and even model it if possible. Make sure the lighting is good and shows what the item truly looks like, especially when it comes to color. Plus, buyers will usually ask for more pictures if there are only 1 or 2, so save yourself the trouble and post all 4.

2. Give Detailed Descriptions

When you are describing you item don't just say "looks great and super cute!" You need to tell the buyer all about the item. It's condition, it's history, how you wore it, any imperfections (always be honest and don't try to hide a defect. Ultimately the buyer will reject the product if it doesn't come as described and then you won't get your money. An example of a description for a dress would be "Worn once to a wedding and in great condition. Dress is knee length and true to size. Dry Clean only. Dress is 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex."

3. Be Prompt

When "Poshers" ask questions about an item answer them that day. Quick responses will get you more sales. If you ask a question about a bag and don't get an answer for a week, chances are you no longer have a want for that bag. Strike while the iron is hot! Also, once you do make a sale, ship your items as quickly as possible. Posh gives you 7 days to ship your items but I try to make it to the post office the next day. Being a fast shipper looks good to buyers and increases your sales.

4. Create Bundle Deals

Posh let's you give buyers discounts when they create a bundle. People will do this if they want 2 or more items from your closet but only pay shipping once. After I changed my bundle discount to 10% off 2 or more items, I noticed a huge increase in sales, especially those with more than one item.

5. Be Price Conscious

When pricing your items ask yourself "would I pay this much for this?" Also, remember the buyer is paying $5 in shipping. When you are pricing keep in mind that people can make you offers on your items. Everyone seems to want a deal on this app, so I price my items within reason, but also a little higher than I'm willing to take. I try to price my items about 10% higher than my bottom line. When someone gets a lower price than you listed they feel good and are more inclined to buy.

6. Follow Other Poshers

Now this one is BIG! In order to make sales people have to see your listings. I've found the best way for people to see you is to follow other poshers. This isn't like instagram where everyone is stingy with the follow back button, so FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW.

7. Be Active

If you're going to join Posh and want to get all you can out of it, you have to be active. Like other posher's posts, share other posher's posts and check the app frequently for "parties." Parties will have themes like Nike and Lululemon Party, which means you can only share your listings if they fit that criteria. Definitely a way to boost sales by knowing when the parties are.

I hope these steps help you have a succesful Posh experience like I have! Remember, you can post just about anything and don't think that your items have to be only designer. Whether it's from Target, Old Navy, or Neiman's, It's worth posting! But don't just join Posh, list your stuff and magically hope you'll sell everything. Join, stay active, and watch your bank account grow!

For more examples or to shop my listings, head over to my closet! Click the link below!

Happy Poshing!

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