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How To Give The Perfect Bridesmaid Gift

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

For those of you that know, Nick and I recently got engaged, so the wedding planning is in full force. Aside from booking the date, and finding my dress, I was so excited to ask my besties to stand by my side and prepare their bridesmaid gift boxes.

I love and I mean LOVE gift giving. I would rather give than receive any day, so I had so much fun putting this together. Naturally, I snapped pictures of the preparation and linked the items included in the gift boxes.

When I think of gifts for a bridesmaid I think of two things: partying and recovering. I wanted to give my bridesmaids party essentials and something to help them get through the next day.

But before the gift, let's talk about the card. While their gifts might be the same, I made sure each bridesmaid had a card that I felt matched our relationship. I found a ton on etsy and I made sure all 8 girls had something different. Then I got their monograms put on the outside of the envelope. I love personal touches like this and so will your bridesmaid!

I purchased my Maid Of Honor cards from Invites By This & That and you can too by clicking here.

To purchase my other bridesmaid cards click here.

Now to the gifts. First, I got them the light blue BottleBottle. BottleBottle is an awesome brand that's similar to Yeti, but it's a little cheaper with tons of color options. This tumbler is also perfect for a mixed drink while pregaming or for her go to coffee order. To purchase this same tumbler click here. Next, I got them personalized champagne glasses. These ones aren't breakable so they're key for a bachelorette party by the pool. I was going to get mini champagne bottles as well, but they honestly just wouldn't fit. I had a hard time finding a box to fit everything as it was. But if you do decide to get mini champs bottles, you can get 3 packs at Walgreens for under $10.

The next item is the bridesmaid makeup bag. I had to get them something that said it! Even if they can't use it for long, I absolutely loved this little piece. I also got them nail polish that will match their dresses! Surprise - now you know my wedding colors. I'm doing a silvery blue with a lot of white and greenery.

Now for my FAVORITE PART! I had to get my girls the Herbivore Coconut Milk Bath Soak. This brand is all natural and this soak consist of only 4 ingredients! Wedding planning is stressful and your bridesmaid deserves a way to relax. So let her enjoy her coconut bath with the Voluspa Bourbon Vanilla candle. These candles are my absolute favorite! Even after the candle is done, I clean them out and use them for storage. They're enclosures are beautiful and I have one in my bathroom that holds my cotton balls. When you're splurging on an item (which I highly suggest making at least one piece something amazing) be sure to look for coupon codes on or sign up for the brands emails. Herbivore has a 10% off coupon when you sign up and when you're buying quite a few things, that 10% can really come in handy.

Now it's time to wrap your gift! I got boxes that were 10X10X6 and they were great! I have two maids of honor so their boxes were hat boxes size 14X14X6, because they received small jewelry boxes (pictured) with their gift. Then I padded the bottom of the box with basket filling in an off white. I did however do a slate grey filling for my MOH, just another way to set it apart from the other boxes. I got my ribbon, name tags and greenery all at Hobby Lobby. The name tags were blank and I just picked out my favorite stickers to spell their names out. For the leafy detail, I just bought one bushel and cut the stems and viola! Your perfect bridesmaid gift is complete.

I also love the idea of gift boxes like this for birthdays or Christmas. It's something that's thoughtful and fun. You can also style your gift basket style, but boxes tend to be a lot cheaper and you can buy them in packs.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Be sure to shop their gifts at the bottom of the page.

XOXO Tiffany

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