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The Best of Scottsdale Arizona

I am thrilled to be having one of my best friends as a contributor for today's post! Blair Zarb is new to the blogging world and just started Bon Voyage Blondie. This woman right here travels more than anyone I know (especially for someone who kicks butt in the corporate world from 9-5) and she really knows the best spots in every city!

After all of us constantly nagging her about the best places to eat, shop, and what to do in countless cities, she finally gave in and started a blog to make all of our lives a little easier when traveling!

I am lucky enough to have her sharing her favorite places in Scottsdale, Arizona with us today. I thought this would be the perfect time to have her contribute since Spring Training is literally right around the corner and I don't know about you, but I plan to make the best of it and get to know as much of Scottsdale as I can!


Hi everyone! My name is Blair and I am so excited to be sharing the best of Scottsdale with you! Scottsdale is by far one of my favorite cities and I hope after reading this post you'll be dying to visit this amazing place.

My husband and I go here every year for Spring Training and to get in a great game of golf. This city is constantly full of excitement, and there is always something fun to do like watch some type of sporting event, head over to a pool party, hit up new golf courses, shop and so much more. Now let's dive into some of my favorite restaurants, bars, and things to do!

(Click on the links below to visit the website for each restaurant, bar, location, etc.)

The Montauk is a hip new restaurant in Old Town. It's got a fun, beach-inspired atmosphere and a buzzing brunch with great food and drinks! If it's nice out, try to sit outside for brunch and soak up the Arizona sun.

Lon's is an upscale restaurant at the Hermosa Inn. The gorgeous views make it the perfect spot for brunch on the patio! And for any of you that are always searching for the perfect Instagram pic -you can get some great photos here that will definitely be post worthy!

Click here to read my full list of brunch spots that are to die for!

Olive & Ivy is hands down is my favorite restaurant in Scottsdale! Not only is the Italian food absolutely delicious, but the atmosphere is super trendy and upbeat. On the weekends they have a DJ spinning at the front of the restaurant that makes it a fun vibe that you're sure to enjoy with a glass of wine in hand!

If you're looking for a fancier restaurant, Citizen Public House is a great pick. This upscale restaurant has awesome steak and wine. So grab your prettiest dress, put on those heels, and go treat yourself to a nice dinner!

My favorite restaurants don't stop with just these two! Click here to continue reading my favorites!

The Bottled Blonde is my favorite bar in Old Town! I stumbled upon this gem the first year it opened and we make it a point to go every time we visit. During the day they have fun sports watching parties and at night it turns into one of the most popular clubs! 

Maya is right across the street from The Bottled Blonde, so be sure to hit this place up after a few drinks at Bottled! It has a Las Vegas vibe with pool parties during the day and a nightclub at night!

The party doesn't stop here, keep reading by clicking here!

The W Hotel is my top pick of where to stay! It's located in the heart of Old Town just walking distance from the strip of bars, restaurants and fun shops! The W also has awesome pool parties that you won't want to miss! 

To see the rest of this blog post, which features more recommendations on where to stay and fun activities to do while visiting Scottsdale, head over to Bon Voyage Blondie! I can't wait to share other cities with you and I had so much fun contributing for Tiffany!


Blair is a 28 year old San Antonio native where she lives with her husband, Matt Zarb. Both she and Matt love to travel and can never sit still for too long so they're always jet setting off to somewhere new and exciting. Her blog is dedicated to sharing her adventures, travel tips, and much more!

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