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How We Stay Organized

Hello everyone! This post is all about how we stay organized! After binge watching Tidying Up on Netflix, I decided to Marie Kondo the shiz out of our home and get rid of things that "don't spark joy" and organize what does. After spending hours getting rid of things that we don't need, it was time to get all of our remaining items in order. I'll break things down by room and link everything I used to help me keep things organized.

The Kitchen:

The Bathroom:

The Closet:

In order to make more room for all of our shoes, we used these great racks I found on amazon. They're super easy to assemble and come in a few colors. You can find them here.

Nick has so many hats and I hate just stacking them because then he can't see them. This little hanging hat number has been a total life saver. Each hanger holds 16 hats, which is perfect for Nick! To the right of the hats, I have Nick's workout socks, his workout tights, and his headbands and beanies. Under this section I have all of his workout hoodies and tops. I love that all of his workout needs are in one place, separated from his nicer clothes. The storage bins are from At Home and you can find the hat organizer here.

The Dresser Drawers:

Here is where Marie Kondo really came to the rescue. Our drawers were a jumbled mess and we couldn't see all of our clothes since everything was folded and then just stacked on top of each other. With her folding method, we are able to see all of our clothes and they're easy to grab. I have attached Marie's images on how to fold each clothing item so you can get organized like this too! These clothing cubes were a big help too and can be found here.

I hope you enjoyed my Tidying Up post and I hope you can "Spark Joy" and get organized too! You can shop everything in this post below!

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