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Neutral Safari Nursery

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Wow, I am seriously overwhelmed with the number of people that loved Baby R's nursery! If you remember, a few days ago, I shared a few shots of our safari themed nursery and you guys blew me away with all the love. 548 of you saved these photos for inspiration, Pottery Barn displayed these images on their website, and countless nursery and baby accounts reposted our sweet room.

A lot of hard work went into turning this empty room into my Pinterest nursery dream and it means so much to me that you all loved it. With that said, I have gotten so many questions about the nursery decor that it's hard to keep up! To try and get all the links shared and questions answered, I decided to make a blog post with more details. You'll see some unseen pictures of the nursery and find way more links here. The app is great, but unfortunately it only lets me link up to 15 items and they have to be from stores affiliated with

So, here you will find everything linked. I tried to link items under the corresponding picture, but if you don't see what you're looking for, check at the very bottom of this post, where I literally have everything linked. Still have questions? Comment below, send an email, or shoot me a DM on Instagram!

Thank you again for all the love and feel free to share Baby R's nursery on Pinterest by clicking the Pinterest logo on each image.

XO Tiffany

The faux leather pillow case is a 20x20 with a 22x22 pillow insert and the boho pillow case is an 18x18 with a 20x20 pillow insert. Pro decor tip: always go up one size on your pillow inserts for a more full look.

So many of you have asked about these hanging shelves and they're from Hobby Lobby! If you're in store they are in the kids decor section with the "adventure" theme. But they can also be found online here.

This wall might be my absolute favorite thing about the nursery. A lot of you have asked if it's wallpaper, but it's actually a stencil with black matte paint! This took awhile to do, but it's really not hard. Our walls are textured and we didn't experience any bleed through. Just make sure you take off an excess paint on your roller brush. I will link the stencil below. Things I'm unable to link: Pillows and faux fur rug are from Home Goods, lamp and plant stand are from At Home. The circle mirror is from Hobby Lobby and can be found here.

I've tried so hard to find these exact animal busts, but can't find them online. I found them at Home Goods thought so good luck!

Dog not included. Everything else from this blog post can be found linked below!

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